The Elf Wars Slots

Santa is busy this Christmas and has all the elves working overtime so you and play and win lots of cash over the holiday. Join these little military driven elves and make your holiday season unforgettable when you play this 5 reels, 50 paylines video slots game from the Real Time Gaming company. That’s right…military elves! Get ready for battle because the elves now have an army and lots of military power, ammunition, and guns so they can protect Santa in the North Pole as he prepares to leave for Christmas day. But where did actual elves come from and how did they get to the North Pole to help Santa Claus and make toys? Well, the whole idea of elves that we know who work for Santa originally came from Norse mythology. Their origins go back hundreds of years ago, and their first names were called “Alfars” during the medieval times. They were sort of considered like fairies and had magical powers; small, cute and were often mischievous and made lots of jokes and pranks. But it wasn’t until the mid-1800s when they were introduced in an 1823 poem called "A Visit from St. Nicholas”, where the author had illustrations and the elves were busy working with Santa and making lots of toys for little boys and girls. Now they live in the North Pole working in the toyshop all year long preparing for Christmas day. In this game though, it looks like the elves took some military training and want to go to war against anyone who comes close to them. Previously, RTG created the “Rudolph” slot series, and this looks like a sequel to all those video themes. Now get ready for battle as you will have to get the elves on your side to get access to all the cash hidden in the North Pole. Let’s take a closer look with a reconnaissance mission to see what you’ll see on the radar and when you play this game.

What to expect when you see Elf Wars slots

Put on your army gear and get into the tank, we’re taking you to the North Pole and going to war with the elves. Honestly, the game looks more like a military mission with all the tanks, guns, and army barracks as the background illustrations with planes and bombers in the air. I guess Christmas is no longer just about presents, candy canes, and stockings? Other than the mistle toe, there traditionally was no indications of bombs and guns. This game does have some brilliant illustrations and designs that are eye popping and so are the animations. And the 3D caricatures are great to watch in action. At the top you will see the Elf War logo that’s in a military font. On the reels you will see such things as Santa, Rudolph, Good Elves, Bad Elves, a welcome to the North pole sign, snowmen, a flying car, free food bucket, cakes, and Santa’s list. There are also the typical playing cards like the 9,10, J, Q, K, and the Ace. With RTG casino software you can download the entire suit of games, but if you just want to play in our browser, you can do that too. And if you are on the go this Christmas season but want to keep the battle going with the elves, you can play this game on any mobile device that has iOS or Android platforms. Now let’s see how to play Elf Wars slot and how you can take over the North Pole with the right battle strategy.

How to play Elf Wars slots and win

Ready for Battle? Much like the typical RTG slots, this game can be played by beginners and advanced slots players. At the top you will see the jackpot totals, the total bet amount and the feature playing sign when you hit those winning combinations. Along the bottom you can see the game information button, auto play button for when you want the elves to take over the mission and bring you winning combinations, bet selector button, and the spin button. Now you’re ready to wage war with the elves.

Overall, this game is fun to play and definitely has a nice military twist to the Christmas season if you have a sense of humour. This game does have a progressive jackpot so you if you hit that, you’ve won the Elf wars and can now buy the North Pole and all the toys. Play Now!