Samba Sunset Slots

Relax at the beach and take in the beauty of a sunset with Samba Sunset the online slot. This game is themed after a Mardi Gras celebration that's held at a stunning beach location and you won't be able to take your eyes off the scenery this game provides you with. The slot is more than just good looks, the way the game looks is a good place to start when reviewing the gambling experience.

Very Limited Wagering

There are two arrows that help you adjust between a limited set of wager options starting at $0.25 per spin up to $6.25 at the highest level. There are only a few different wager settings to choose from, which makes it challenging to wager an amount you are happy using.

Leverage a Basic Autoplay Tool

The autoplay feature is next to the bet feature and lets you set how many spins from 5 to 100. Choose how many spins and the game will handle spinning for you. You can relax and let the slot do all the work for you while you try to get a win using this feature.

Set Your Speed

The speed you play at changes how this game feels. Tap the Speed button to go between one, two, and three different speed settings. You can enjoy a nearly instant spin, or a more leisurely spin while playing the game and control the pace of the game and how it feels to play. Try all the different spin levels until you get one you're comfortable with.

A Free Play Game

This slot was designed to be played for real money, but you can try Samba Sunset using free play money for as long as you want. Test the game in the demo mode and you have a play balance to use. This Fun Balance increases and decreases as you play and enables you to bet at any level you want while trying to unlock the game's special features. Use this mode to get familiar with the game or just for fun.

Wilds on 2 and 4

There are wilds on reels 2 and 4 while you play and they help create winning combinations. These symbols appear regularly, but they cannot get you wins alone, you need additional symbols to trigger any sort of prize payout.

Free Games with Many Dancers

There are loads of beautiful dancers present in the free spin bonus round that's triggered whenever you get three or more scatters. While going through the 10 free games you will notice more dancers showing up and increasing your odds of winning. You can get triple prize payouts during this bonus, but you cannot trigger more free spins while going through the round.

Random Progressive Jackpot Wins

There is a progressive jackpot feature with this game but it occurs randomly. You'll never know when you can expect a huge progressive jackpot win. Instead, you should just continue playing and hope that you'll get lucky with a big progressive win at some point.

Samba Sunset is a slot that's full of beautiful sunsets, beach scenery, and stunning women. It's nice to look at, and with some luck, you can get powerful wins as you play. We love the game for how it looks and that's the main reason we recommend players try it.