Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

Make sure you remember to leave out the cookies and milk this Christmas, as Santa will be coming down the chimney with more than just toys for you. When you play Santa’s Reel Wheel Christmas-themed slots, you are in for a big surprise with a nice twist and format for video slots. This 3 reels, three bars video slots game will bring a real twist to your candy canes this holiday season with a big bonus wheel where you just might make a fortune. This animated slot game is uniquely different than other slots and has only three sections to the machine. As you will see in the game, the setting takes place in the North Pole, where Santa lives. Did you know that the north pole is the northern most location on planet earth? But why does Santa live there and how did he get there? Even today, children across the world send him letters every year asking him for presents because they know he will be circling the globe on his sleigh with the reindeer pulling him everywhere in the night sky. And it all starts in Santa’s workshop where the elves work hard all year round for his trip around the world on Christmas day to give presents to all the people everywhere. It all started in 1879 when a fellow by the name of Thomas Naste revealed to the world that Santa indeed did live in the North Pole. Today, even the United States Post office recommends kids to send their mail to 1225 Reindeer Rd. North Pole. Now you can enjoy a trip to the North Pole when you play Santa’s Reel Wheel slots brought to you by the Real Time Gaming software company. Get ready to spin that wheel, as this game has lots of prizes and rewards for you to enjoy and make some money so you can buy lots of gifts to family and friends. So, let’s head to the North Pole and see what you can win in Santa’s workshop.

What to expect when you see Santa’s Reel Wheel slots

As you fly in on your sleigh to Santa’s castle in the north pole, you will see a cute little village with lots of snow, houses, stores, a workshop, and trees covered in snow. The setting for the game has the game supported by two candy cane poles that show a lower open reel and two locked reels. There is a snow man to the left and behind him is the Christmas tree. The snow is falling and even the clouds are animated. To the left is a big Santa’s Reel Wheel graphic with Santa’s hat and holly leaves. As mentioned earlier this game has some nice graphics and animations to make the game interactive. On the reels it’s all about Christmas and Santa with such symbols as diamonds, fireworks, presents, holly berries and leaves, bells, candy canes, card symbols like the diamond, club, spade, and the heart. Then there is the Santa’s Bonus Wheel which comes up when you get a winning combination on the reels. And there is also the Santa’s Mega Bonus Wheel where you can win some big cash prizes. So, let’s head to the workshop and learn how this slots game is played. You can play this game in your browser if you have a computer or on any mobile device that has iOS or Android platforms.

How to play Santa’s Reel Wheel slots

To play this game is easy, all you need to do is sign up for an account at an online casino that is powered by RTG software and there are many. The slot game format is easy with just three reels and not a lot of bells and whistles. To the left is the information button, player balance amount, bet amount, speed button selector, and bet amount button on each side of the spin button, maximum bet amount, the auto play feature that allows you to relax and let Santa do the spinning for you. Then there is the win amount window, and the game menu. The bet amounts range from $0.01 to $1.00, and the maximum jackpot is 1,000 coins. The bonus wheel game is the highlight of this slots machine when it pops up with the right winning combinations. You can win lots of free spins and the fireworks feature comes with even more multipliers and rewards. Play Now!