Before getting started with a new casino it's vital to make sure that the customer support the site offers is high quality. Without good support you could run into an issue using the site that keeps you from having a good time, or even worse, you could have an issue that keeps you from withdrawing your winnings. Posh casino offers a good set of support tools for serious gamblers, so you can focus on having fun and have confidence that when the time comes to get help you'll get it.

Several Different Support Tools

At Posh casino there are many different support tools available, making it easy to get just the right kind of help for every problem that you encounter. Whether you are having trouble withdrawing your winnings, or you just want to know how to make the most of the loyalty program, you can find a support person to walk you through the issue with a method that you're comfortable with. There are ways to get support instantly or over time in a more leisurely fashion at Posh.

Live Chat

When you want answers immediately no matter what time of day you're playing at, live chat support is the way to go. This tool is available to members and is simple to make use of. Once you are signed into your casino account, you can easily open up live chat and connect with a support expert to get your questions answered. The live chat tool gives you a box that you can type to a support person in real time and you'll get answers to issues that you are having.


If you aren't in a hurry to get answers, or you don't want to feel rushed when typing out your problem for support, email is another supported solution offered by the support team. There's a dedicated email address that you can send your questions to and you'll receive an email response within 24 hours. This support tool is a bit slower, but it's a good option when you feel like walking away from your computer while you wait for help. It's also a good option for players that don't feel comfortable using the live chat tool.

Use the FAQ

Posh casino has an in-depth FAQ section that makes it possible to get answers to most common questions without talking to support at all. If you do have a problem you want answers to, check the FAQ section first and you might find a simple answer before having to go through the trouble of talking with support at all. You'll be surprised at how simple it is to look through the FAQ section and often your problem will be answered right there.

Posh casino takes customer support seriously and offers enough methods for most gamblers to get the help they need without a problem. Whether you are in a hurry to get support fast, or you don't mind sitting down and waiting awhile for an answer to your problem, you'll always have the help that you need to keep your gambling experience a good one.