Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Fantasy Mission Force is an online slot-themed for an action film, and it's a fun celebration of the movie. Anyone who enjoyed the film will likely enjoy this slot game as well. We explore all the most important features of this game in our simple review. Get immediate data uncovering the good features of this game and any negatives as well.

Cool Animated Graphics

The best feature offered by this online slot is its animated graphics. You have all sorts of little extras you get while playing the game, but we were most impressed by how the characters come to life and demonstrate scenes from the film as you play. If you're a true fan of Fantasy Mission Force you will love the way this slot shows it off so well.

Adjustable Paylines

The game has 20 paylines, and you can turn them on and off. With adjustable paylines, you can control how much you spend to play, as well as how often you are likely to get wins. Turn the lines off to slow down gameplay and make it last longer, or turn them all on to go for wins as fast as possible.

Small Stakes Wagering

You have the ability to adjust your wager up or down to control how much you spend, but you cannot wager a huge amount while playing Fantasy Mission Force. The top wager value possible with this slot is $5.00 per spin. The lowest wager is just $0.01 per spin, making this game ideal for low-stakes gamblers who want to stretch their bankroll as far as possible. You can wager precisely the amount you want to spend with this game, but you cannot wager more than $5.00.

A Full Featured Autoplay Tool

If you're the type of gambler who relies on autoplay regularly when you gamble, you'll love the full controls you get from Fantasy Mission Force. The game gives you a full list of options to turn on and off, including how many spins you'll complete and the wager value you have set. Go through all the settings, get everything just right and the game will go through your spins for you.

Wilds Double Wins

The wild symbol can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. Whenever you win using a wild the prize you win is twice as large as normal. This increases your wins substantially, giving you more opportunities to unlock major payouts.

Triple Payout Free Spins

When you get a scatter on the first reel and a wild on the last reel you start the free spin round. In this round, you get 7 spins and all prizes are tripled. Some of the best wins possible in this game come during the free spin round and you'll want to rely on it heavily for your best payouts.

Dynamite Free Games

During the free spins bonus, you have an opportunity to trigger a Bickford Fuse. While playing the free rounds you'll notice fuse symbols attached to some of the symbols. When you get three fuses you'll see an explosion and get awarded with between 1 and 3 additional free spins. This feature can extend the free spin bonus and it's impressive to watch.

A Progressive Jackpot That Triggers Randomly

The game has a progressive jackpot prize that grows over time and gets awarded randomly. It's impossible to predict when a win from this huge jackpot will occur, and you can only gamble how to get lucky.

Fantasy Mission Force is an older slot, but it's a game worth trying if you want something fun and unique to play. We mostly recommend the game to fans of the film, but if you haven't watched it you can always watch the movie and then try the game.