Locking Archer Slots

Get ready to lock and load your bow and arrow, it’s time for you to aim to win lots of money when you play Locking Archer Slots from the Real Time Gaming company. This 5 reels, by 3, 25 paylines video slots game will have you shooting to win some casino cash. The theme of this video slots game is medieval with Robin Hood type characters. But who was Robin Hood and was he an actual person or just a myth? Historically, he was created from English Folklore during medieval times and it continued throughout the centuries. They say he dressed in green and was known to steel from the rich and give to the poor. And he had a lover by the name of Maid Marian along with a team of fellow outlaws that were known as the merry men. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that he became a true legend, and his story has become historical, creating books about him and movies over the centuries. They say he lived in a place called Sherwood Forest and he would usually defend the people of the forest and fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham. His loyalty was with Richard the Lionheart and served him for many years to protect the people of England. Some of the most recent movies have included Walt Disney’s Robin Hood, Robin and Marian and many more. Now you can relive this infamous character from medieval times and set your sights for Locking Archer slots where you can find your riches deep in the forests of England. Since this game is created and operated by RTG all US players are welcome to join in the fun and play to win. Let’s look at Locking Archer Slots and see if you can steal from the rich and give to yourself.

What to expect when you see Locking Archer Slots

When you and your merry men arrive to the Sherwood Forest you will see that the setting takes place in medieval England. You will see in the background images of rolling green hills, mountains, trees, and the countryside, just like you would see in England. The game is supported by an old wood structure and wood panels for where the symbols are placed. At the top of the game, you will see the Locking Archer logo in blue and yellow. On the reels you will see everything you would find in a medieval slots machine that depicts this era like an old man in grey hair, Viking looking man, woman, Robin Hood, maid Marian, a hammer, a cottage, and the typical playing cards like the 10, J, Q, K and the A. The hammer is the wild symbol and the man with the bow and arrow is the locking scatter symbol and the cottage is a scatter symbol too. If you get two or more scatters on the reels from one to four, this will trigger the Locking scatter and you will get a select number of free spins. This game can be downloaded with all the other games onto your computer, or you can play right in your browsers like with Chrome or Firefox. If you are on your way to meet Robin Hood, then you can play this game on your mobile device if you have iOS or Android platforms. Either way you will get all the great graphics, illustrations, and animations across all devices and your computer. Now let’s show you how you can play this game and win lots of medieval treasures when you take aim at Locking Archer slots.

How to play Locking Archer slots

If you have played any of the RTG slots in the past, you will recognize how to play this game to. If you haven’t played any RTG slots in the past, no worries, you can still play this game and it’s great for beginners too. To the left is the information button, the player balance amount window, and then the reel speed selector button. You can see the plus and minus buttons to select the amount you would like to wager, the spin button and the maximum bet amount button. To the right is the autoplay button for when you want to relax and let Robin Hood bring you the winning combinations. The win amount is on the right next to the menu button. Play Now!