Haunted Opera Slots

This game is themed after the Phantom of the Opera, and when you play you'll feel like you're on the same eerie stage that the tortured character shows up on in the play. The game appears to be simple and basic, but it's something special and a slot that you should know more about. Get all the details about this basic game and find out if it's something you should be testing for yourself.

20 Adjustable Lines

Unlike most modern slot games this one is fully adjustable. There are 20 paylines and you can turn them on or off to change how much you spend and how many winning opportunities you have. Initiate more lines for more opportunities to win while you play the game. By adjusting the lines you take complete control over how much you wager so you can bet exactly the amount you want to.

Excellent Wagering Options

We love that you have so much flexibility with the wager value you set. The minimum you can bet is $0.01 per spin, though you likely won't win much if you do. The maximum you can wager is $100.00 per spin, which should appeal to more high rollers who want to risk large amounts of money. No matter how much money you have to risk you can likely find a wager value you're comfortable using while playing this game.

An Endless Free Spin Round

Get a mask on the final reel and a letter on the first reel and you start the free spin bonus. This special round can be triggered any time you get the mask and letter in its proper place. You could keep the bonus going forever if you're lucky enough. We've gone through several cycles of this bonus game and each time we enjoyed more generous wins than during the standard spins of the game.

White Mask Wild Multipliers

The white mask symbol is a powerful tool that doubles any prizes it combines with. This special symbol is a wild multiplier that can appear at any time. If you get a prize-winning combination involving this wild during the base game you instantly double the prize payout. If you get a win using the wild during the free spin bonus you'll enjoy a 6x multiplier on the prize. This is when you can unlock the largest prize payouts possible for this game.

A Basic Design

One thing that we love about this game is how simple it is. It looks old or basic, but it's easy to play and we love how simple it is to start gambling on. Try the game for even a few minutes and you should understand all its controls and most of its features.

A Progressive Jackpot Prize

There is a progressive jackpot payout that builds as you play. This prize is random and can trigger anytime you play. The jackpot grows to astounding levels and could leave you a whole lot wealthier if you get a lucky win.

Try it Free

You can play the game completely for free if you want to learn more about what it has to offer. Load it on any casino that offers Haunted Opera and choose to demo the game. You can try the slot using Play Money for as long as you like to learn about all its features and what you can expect. Once you know you love the game you can switch to using real money and try to win actual prizes from the game.

Works Well on Mobile Devices

Because Haunted Opera is so simple the game works well on most mobile devices. If you play on a small smartphone you should be able to make out all the details of the slot without difficulty. This makes it easy for you to bring the game with you wherever you go. Take the slot anywhere you want and enjoy all its features conveniently.

If you enjoy the Phantom of the Opera this is an excellent slot. It looks basic but offers excellent wagering options and powerful bonuses.